The Story of the Centre College “Praying Colonels” and Their Rise to the Top of the Football World- 1917-1924.

Rob Robertson - Author of
“The Wonder Team” 

Read about the Centre College Colonels

and their amazing run in college football from 1917-1924.

There is something deep inside us that longs to cheer for the underdog. Movies like HoosiersRocky, and Karate Kid give us hope that hard work, diligence, and faith can triumph in the face of insurmountable odds. 

My hardcover book, The Wonder Team, was written in 2008 to showcase just such a story. 

Now, The Wonder Team has been greatly expanded and made available online in this newly completed edition-

In it, you'll meet the unlikely gridiron heroes from a little school in Kentucky – Centre College. Unlike the fiction of Hollywood, documents the real-life accomplishments of an iron-willed assortment of young men whose efforts captured the heart of a nation.


A Family Legacy at Centre College


Medical Doctor

Rob Robertson, Jr. is a graduate of Centre College of Kentucky, class of 1963. He comes from a long line of Centre men, starting with Judge Charles Godfrey Wintersmith, who attended the college from 1829 to 1831. The author's father, Robert Wintersmith Robertson, Sr., M.D., and uncle, William Howard Robertson, were Centre class 1925, and another uncle, Rev. Frank Gault Robertson, was class of 1932, and a recipient of a Doctor of Divinity from the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.


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